During pregnancy, we protected the mother-to-be with Maternity Girdle. Now, the Postpartum Girdle is her best choice for continued support. It’s designed to smooth the appearance of your lower abdomen after childbirth. This garment is also recommended to reduce the appearance of “love handles” in your stomach. This garment helps the abdomen and back muscles by redistributing weight.



Get your figure back!

After the placenta is expelled, labor ends and the puerperium begins, a necessary period of time, in which all the changes that the pregnancy produced in the maternal organism take time to normalize.

Every woman who had the happy stage of pregnancy, with the consequent delivery of her baby, is recommended to use the POST-PARTUM GIRDLE, immediately.

Our Reshaping Solution When Worn:

  • Provides support and supports the pelvis perfectly, since it was also softened by the effect of relaxin so that the baby wouldopen and pass at the time of delivery
  • Lifts the stomach, compresses and compacts the tissue for a flatter and smoother stomach.
  • Helps lift the buttocks, as it has a support band.
  • Helps to place the abdominal organs in their correct position, and also provides the necessary pressure for all internal organsto function properly after delivery
  • Helps prevent urinary infections
  • Compresses the uterus to prevent bleeding too much, and it does not come out (uterine prolapse).
  • Also recommended for people with hernias, post operations and women with a very large abdomen.
  • It fixes the uterus and compresses it, facilitating the easy expulsion of clots.
  • Prevents bleeding and provides security when moving.

In all mothers operated by cesarean section, since the recovery is much faster, because it fixes the tissues helping the wound to heal.

Available colors: Beige, Black


2XS (Hip Size 37-39)
XS (Hip Size 40-43)
S (Hip Size 44-46)
M (Hip Size 47-49)
L (Hip Size 50-52)
XL (Hip Size 50-52)
2XL (Hip Size 56-58)