The body is losing beauty and shape at any age, either due to bad habits in posture and / or eating.

Ardyss progressive remodeling line is a treatment that with the daily use of garments helps you to

recover lost curves and natural shapes.

The garments have a medical (orthopedic) design, to offer aesthetic and health benefits, in such a way

that they have the adequate pressure that each point of our body needs to avoid affecting the organs,

as happens with too tight garments that end generating health problems such as pronounced veins

and bladder descent among others

The garments have bands strategically located so that the normal movement of walking, going to the

office or performing daily activities, stimulate the system,

 It is as if by having the ardyss garments on we subject our body to a constant micro massage and thus

we progressively reshape our body. That is why it is called a progressive remodeling line.                                                      


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